November 17

7                               14                             21                             28

4BBB                        3B                             Capt/Vice                Ind. Stableford

Strokeplay               Stableford                  A.G.M.                     2/3/4 ball


December 17

5                               12                             19                             26

4BBB                        Ind. Stableford          Texas Scramble         X

Strokeplay               2/3/4 ball                    3B


January 18

2                               9                               16                             23                             30

4BBB                        6x6x6                       Ind.Stableford            4BBB                     Texas Scramble

Strokeplay               3 ball                        2/3/4 ball                    Stableford.              3B


February 18

6                               13                             20                             27

4BBB                        4BBB                        Texas Scramble        Ind.Stableford

Strokeplay               Stableford                  3B                            2/3/4 ball


March 18

6                               13                             20                             27

4BBB                        6x6x6                       4BBB                        Ind.Stableford

Strokeplay               3 ball                        Stableford                  2/3/4 ball



Sign up on Match sheet as soon as you are ready to start your round.

Fairway mats to be used.  £1 per head when round completed.


4BBB Strokeplay – Full handicap, one score per hole, that which gives the lowest net score. Mark the gross score for the hole in column A or B corresponding to the player and the net score in the points column. The lowest total net score wins. Last group 3 ball – one last signed up partners both the others. 2 ball – self score.


4BBB Stableford – Full handicap. As Strokeplay but using best points score for each hole.


3B Stableford – Full handicap. Best two Stableford scores count for each hole, each player must have a score on a minimum of 10 holes. (It is probably best to record all three scores on every hole, then you can sort out the best ones allowing for the 10 minimum). If the last group is a 2 ball, each player has a second score on alternate holes.


6x6x6 – Stableford, one score for first 6 holes, two scores for second 6 holes, three scores for final 6 holes. If last group is a 2 ball – each player plays 2 balls on alternate holes.


Texas scramble – Strokeplay 1/3 combined handicap, 6 drives per player (all three play from best positioned previous shot). If a 2 ball, 9 drives each, ½ combined handicap.



The 2018 Summer Tuesday/Friday Programme is below.

Matches on other days as well as on Tuesdays are shown in the Matches page